Checking in from Dallas

By | July 28, 2006

Dallas?  What the heck is Jake doing in Dallas?  Well it refers to the “big post” I had said I would be making.  I decided to put it off longer, and then have been so busy since, that this is pretty much the first chance I have had to blog.  While I am blogging, I am going to update everyone on what is going on here.

The big announcement is that I accepted a position with a company called ePartner Solutions – leaving the internship with the company I had been looking at.  The company and position I was at, I just was not going to enjoy long term.  I had left my resume online, and had occasionally been speaking to recruiters about Axapta (Well now Dynamics AX) work.  (That is the software I had been supporting in Fargo at my contract job.  I had been out of town for a couple of days because the company had flown me down to New Mexico to interview.  (Fun and impressive enough on its own.)

I was just really impressed with the people at ePartner Solutions.  The position I have here is that of basically translating to Axapta support.  For now I will be working totally out of home, which will be nice because I will not have to be on the road full time, and I will get to spend more time with my soon-to-be wife.  (Jennie duh!)  ePartners has taken quite a bit of time talking about how to grow my career.  In theory I should be able to shift into a consultant based position later if I so choose to.  It is really nice to see a company care that much about an employees professional development.

Anyways – that brings me to Dallas this week.  That is where our corp office is located.  It just happened that this week was the quarterly New Hire Orientation along with the first ever full Axapta team meeting.  So I have been down here since Tuesday, but I fly back tomorrow after lunch.  It has been a very good trip down here.  I have gotten a chance to meet and network with a lot of the companies upper management, along with all of the Axapta Consultants I will be working and communicating with.  That is going to be invaluable in the next few months.  (I even got a chance to meet my UK counterpart and his director, allowing for even closer communication between everyone.)

All in all – I am really excited to be at this company.  The work is far more in line with what I enjoy doing, and it is always the people that make the place.  I look forward to keeping everyone posted on this new job.

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2 thoughts on “Checking in from Dallas

  1. Uncle Ron Dierlam

    Hi Jake. We are so proud of your new employment. Keep us updated as to your whereabouts. The best of luck to you and Jeannie.

    Great (ugh, that makes me sound really old) Uncle Ron and Aunt Betty


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