Dell and Alienware sitting in a tree

By | March 15, 2006


Rahul Sood of VoodooPC started the rumors early this month with this post on his blog and it kind of died down shortly thereafter. Appearantly, a claiming your competitor is about to be bought doesn’t hold much wait in the PC business.

Well, it’s all heating back up now. CNET announced an unconfirmed, but appearantly well sourced, rumor that Dell indeed does have the purchase agreement in place and is about to pull the trigger. I say kudo’s to Alienware. They make top of the line, albeit overly expensive, desktops and laptops. Dell has tried with the XPS line to claim a little of that market but to no avail.

So, Dell gets a top of the line performance pc maker, and oh, did we mention that Alienware builds with AMD processors. Yep, thats right. With this purchase, Dell becomes a major distributor of AMD processors. That’s one way to get yourself into a market. What’s next? Gonna buy a Linux Distribution?

Keep an eye out for the official announcement which should be coming anytime now. (Here it is)
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