Diablo III in production

By | February 4, 2006

Gaming Steve has it from some friends deep within the Blizzard coding ranks that not only is Blizzard working on Diablo III, but they have been for 4 years.

Not only are they working on it, but they have been working on this game for no less than the past four years.

I cannot begin to express how much of my life I spent playing the first and second games.  I cannot wait for the third.  If it is even close to as good as Diablo II, I will buy it on day one.

According to Steve, most of the rumors about the actual game are true.  It’s just the timeline that has been wrong.  After the debacle of Starcraft:Ghosts, the people of Blizzard want to make sure that this one is perfect before any announcements.  Although it would seem that this is a leak of sorts and there should be some news forthcoming.  Aside from the job opening announcements that is.

Dwight Silverman is hoping for a glimmer.

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