Domain working again!

By | January 3, 2006

Well the big news of the day is that is working once again. The domain finally came over from my old registrar and the url forwarding works. So I have at least one project working. The website redesign isn’t complete of course. I still have a few blank pages-but that is years worth of old website content that I will be slowly bringing back online when I have the time.

Right now I am also looking into ecommerce web applications and tinkering around with those for future business use. PHP scripts with a mySQL backend I have worked with before, but haven’t had any personal experience in working with interfacing with a merchant gateway.

That falls under the whole business planning process I mention from time to time. The “plan” is under way and being worked on, so I am looking at what things I can do before said time that the business can actually start. I am quite excited on how that is progressing and I am really looking forward to blogging about it in the future.

Well that is pretty much all I can think of at this moment in time. More later folks!


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