Ebay Announces eBay Express

By | March 8, 2006

I just got a message from eBay officially announcing eBay express. eBay Express looks to just be an “online store” format for people who are otherwise uncomfortable buying from a regular eBay fixed-price auction. You get a shopping cart and can drop items into it and checkout with either paypal or I’m assuming perhaps a credit card as well (I guess we’ll see). I think one of the major issues they may run into is if they only accept Paypal. As a geek I don’t find using Paypal to be hard but I could see less saavy people being reluctant to sign up for anything that is “linked” to their checking account.

It also listed the requirements to be listed on eBay express as a seller. If you meet these minimum requirements all of your fixed-price auctions as well as sellers with eBay stores will have their items automatically cross-listed in eBay Express. As an avid eBay seller I have to say that I think this could be a good thing. As an eBay buyer/scavenger I fear it may take some of the fun out of digging for goods deals on eBay that require some skill to find. Checkout the information page for seller requirements and more info.

One thought on “Ebay Announces eBay Express

  1. Thatedeguy

    The email I got said that it would take credit cards. It really is going to be a full featured e-commerce site that includes all of the fixed price auctions and the ebay store items. The biggest thing is the ability to add things from more than one store or more than one fixed price auction and pay for it all at once. Could be the future of ebay…

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