Ether launches tonight

By | March 1, 2006

etherlogoTechCrunch announced the launch of “Super-Stealth” tonight. A service that allows the private consultant in us all to have a mode for charging for our phone time. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. As Ben points out in techcrunches comments, it’s been tried before with and oddly enough, some of the elements of the website are actually hosted on the servers. Perhaps it is keen regurgitated and tweaked? Why not just make changes to the original? What value in a relaunch?

TDavid found a few errors in the sign-up system but notes that the 15% cut that they take isn’t as steep as similar services and Scoble seems to be overly ecstatic about the launch.

Keep an eye out for a ether box to appear on thatedeguy and possibly here as I signed up for the beta and I just might give it a try.

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