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By | March 17, 2006
Well Jennie made a comment last night – and I researched it. Apperently her Grandmother impressed into them every St. Pattys day about them being Scots-Irish not Irish and that there was a difference, and that they should remember that.So that got me to thinking… what the heck is Scot-Irish? Was granny loosing it then? Actually no… took a little digging, but I found and article all about it:

A little light on quoting historical fact, but is still a pretty good baseline and a direction to look for information.

“The Scots-Irish that settled in the region came here partly as a result of English political and religious domination, as the Scots were “imported” to the Northern Ireland province of Ulster to help tame some of the rebellious spirit of the Irish. The Presbyterian denomination, as well as the Roman Catholic Church, often clashed with the Anglican Church of England, and the echoes of that conflict still rage today between Protestant and Catholic Irish.

As Presbyterians were pushed out of government power, they began looking for religious freedom, and American offered a fresh start both spiritually and economically.”

Figured it was some interesting stuff on this day. Happy St. Patty’s Day all!

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  1. Brady

    Haha… heres a confusing one for you my ancestors are from both Scotland and Ireland. As well as Swedish and German.


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