Ford Developing 60mpg pickup

By | February 17, 2006

Ford announced that they are developing a Hybrid pickup that is expected to get 60 mpg.

Hybrid Ford HydraulicThe standard F-150 has a curb weight of about 4800 lbs., which is 65% greater than theToyota Prius, yet incredibly the Hydraulic F-150 with a continuously variable transmission matches the Prius with 60mpg city rating, that’s an amazing 400% increase over its gasoline version.

Appearantly, Ford is hoping to launch the Hydraulic F-150 in August of 2008. Because of structure and positioning, the Hydraulic technology that is implemented here is best suited to larger vehicles like the F-150. Smaller vehicles will have a hard time implementing the system.

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2 thoughts on “Ford Developing 60mpg pickup

  1. Brady

    Now they just have to get the truck fanatics to try “that new fangled hydralllly truck” to replace their gas hog V8s. That and I wonder how this type of thing does in heavy towing situations gas milage and capacity-wise? The other thing I’m curious about is the price tag on this bugger.

    On a side note has anyone else noticed that cars have gotten a hell of a lot cheaper since 2000. I was looking the other day and saw a Chevy Silverado base package starting at $16.5k. I’m certain they were well over 20k in 2000.

  2. Thatedeguy

    I think the price bit your seeing is the overall price lowering that they forced upon themselves when they did the “employee” pricing. Makes it awfully hard to sell cars when you really let them know how much profit you make off of one of them.

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