Games of Tag

By | September 5, 2006

Well, Ede decided to keep something interesting going. A blogging version of tag. I have been given 5 works, I am supposed to say the word and the first thing that comes to mind with that word. It does seem like a bit o’ fun, so I will give it a try.
First word: wire, phone wire or cat5… since I have a fair amount of it stashed around the house.

Second word: paperclip, my Computer CD ejector tool. Works like a charm everytime. Same bent paperclip has fixed things for years.

Third word: beat, as in musical beat… setting the tone or speed of the song.

Fourth word: plaque, as in an award plaque. “My team won a plaque this year.”

Fifth word: outlet, as in a power outlet. You never have one where you need it.

Well Shane… Tag your it, but I am calling No Tag Backs! 😛 (Ok not really, I had just wanted to say that.)
New Words: Certificate, Box, Remote, Star, Dragon

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3 thoughts on “Games of Tag

  1. Brady

    wire – as in wiretap, as in 1984
    paperclip – gonna stick with cd ejector use them a lot at work for that
    beat – as in to get jacked or mugged, IE: “Rodney King jacked by cops”
    plaque – nasty stuff on your teeth (how many ways can you interpret this one?
    outlet – as in an outlet for job stress, IE: Join the military shoot the world err…. see the world… yeah…


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