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By | January 5, 2006

We at SuperGeek have been quietly testing Hamachi VPN over the last several weeks and so far, we are amazed at its usefulness. There will be a couple of different versions, a Premium and Basic versions. The main difference between them will be scalability. The basic will remain free as well. The premium looks to have a fairly small monthly fee, though the store isn’t open yet so they could differ. (We have linked to the Hamachi developer posts for your convenience.)

Hamachi allows for a quick setup in most cases and allows for nearly instantaneous file sharing between computers on the Private Network. The added ability to play network games, remote management, and several other tools makes Hamachi a wonderful tool. The ability for Hamachi to allow a secure remote desktop connection from inside of a corporate firewall, through my home network firewall, was impressive and very useful. Having a secure but seamless network has been very handy when working from different locations.

We did run into a small issue with Hamachi not working with Windows XP firewall. The solution at the moment seems to be to turn off the Firewall. We would like to see some better integration of that. However some machines didn’t seem to have this issue. It has been tested under WinXP, Win2k3 Server (Standard and Enterprise), and Mandrivia Linux. The Linux client was a bit of a pain to work with, but should be possible.

Oh, and yes Michael. It isincredibly useful“.

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10 thoughts on “Hamachi VPN

  1. Dave

    So, exactly how does one share files with Hamachi? My kid lives in Portland, Ore. and I live in Calif. We both are using WinXP home, and have dsl connections. There doesn’t seem to be any simple directions to set up file sharing between two home computers (Or I haven’t found them yet) Is there a DIY step-by-step instruction sheet out there?

  2. Irrision

    Create a network on one client and set a good password. Then have the other client join your network using the password you set. That’s it nothing more to the process. I’m guessing you were expecting it to be more difficult.

  3. Dave

    Absolutely! I never guessed it was so simple. After being gassed around for 20 years on machines that are NOT user-friendly, its finally a treat to find a simple program that works.

  4. Administrator

    It was quite shocking to me as well how simple this program is. I have set up networks between states before… and it has never been as simple as it should be. Hamachi impressed me when it did make it as easy as if the computer was right next to you.

  5. John Meidell

    What are the actual mouse clicks that accomplish remote control of another pc?

    I get a Hamachi screen on both of the two PCs (6 miles apart) but no interoperability.

    How do I get into the remote PC using Hamachi?


  6. Jake

    Hamachi isn’t a remote control program, it is setting them up like they are on the same lan. To remote control a computer you would use something like RDP (remote desktop proticol) and access the computer that way.

    So: Once you have hamachi installed, create a network, join both computers to it, and then you should be able to open up a remote desktop (assuming you are using XP or a machine with it installed) to the hamachi IP of the other computer.

    Hope that helps!

  7. boto

    anybodt wanna play something on my second hamachi networ(the first is already full :D)
    just in case….

  8. Tracy

    I’d like to know, before I install Hamachi, how you go about selecting a specific folder to share?

    Is this possible? I have a friend in AZ & we’d like to share pics, programs, etc…but I don’t want to open my entire PC- just one folder where we each can move our stuff in & out of.

    Can anyone explain?


  9. Jake

    Tracy, thanks for swinging by our site.

    Checking the hamachi forums and faq’s will be your best bet, but I will try to explain a little bit.

    It works exactly like sharing folders on a local network. (Right click on folder, sharing, set permissions ect.) What Hamachi is doing is making the two computers think they are on the same local area network (lan).

  10. Tracy

    Hi Jake,

    I’ve been through the FAQ’s, as well as Googling around- just new to it all. Even listened to S. Gibson’s podcast. I have used Foldershare, but hated how it was set tup (confusing)- now don’t want it because MS bought it out (bleh to that).

    I should have been more detailed in my original question (my bad)-

    I have a cable modem & wireless router. I currently have a home network/LAN. I need access between these machines for my own use- but only wish to set up to share one folder, on one PC, with my AZ friend…I don’t want the entire network, nor any of the other shares on my Hamachi machine to be accessible.

    I was thinking that I would need to set up an account on my machine, for her, & somehow set permissions in XP- am I on the right track?

    Also, Hamachi must be installed on all PC’s in order to work at all- though only one needs to establish an actual network- is this correct?

    PS- I know just enough to get in too deep- lol…

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