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By | March 3, 2006

Well besides the fact that I really have been a slacker lately about blogging, Jess reminded me a couple of days ago that I do at least have some people who read my site. Readers come back for fresh content… so in essence, by not having fresh content, I am telling those people not to visit my site.

Not that is not good, so in celebration of Friday, and a pretty good week, I am blogging today. The goal is to see how many of the blogs I contribute to I can post to today.

So why was it a good week? Most notably was not dying in the really crappy weather I drove through on Wednesday night. Yep, any day one does not die can’t be all that bad in my book lol. Why was I driving in freakish weather? Well I had attended a meeting in Valley City. (I know I know, what is a Jimmie doing in VC!) Well like I said, I had a meeting to attend that ran late. I will hopefully fill everyone in more later on said meeting, but seemed to go well.

Then, the rest of the week has been pretty calm so far. That is just fine with me. Tonight I am of course going to Jamestown. (Shocker there I am sure.) Not sure what the exact plan is, but I think Trav and I were going to hang out.  Then I am sure I will see Ede sometime this weekend too.  The girls are having the annual trip down to Forman, ND for the fish fry.
That is about all I have for now.

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  1. Brady

    Jeez man quit slacking already. I mean look at me. I’ve been posting at least every three days and I don’t even have a job! Oh yeah… nm about that… So about having a picture of Hee-man on your main page looking a lot like a g…


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