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By | January 27, 2006

Sorry about the lack of posting… work has been numbing my mind – so I haven’t even done a post here this week.

Yep – still have business stuff in the works, but still waiting to hear back on a couple of things before I blog about it. Jennie and I would like to be back in Jamestown. It became home for us while we were there – but we moved for work, and can’t really go back without work.

Who knows though – we are going back to Jamestown spend some time with friends this weekend. (Yep – at ThatEdeGuy’s place again.) I think it is card night tonight. That would be nice… not because I am a huge card player, but it would mean Trav didn’t have to work and was able to hang out. (Trav being one of the groomsmen and Capt. of our dart team if Jennie and I move back to Jamestown before the fall. We were going to put one together for this year, but I ended up moving us to Fargo. Oops.)

Be a lot of fun – and be home for us… so I have my fingers crossed. If anyone has ideas on how to come up with the proper way to phrase it to my current management if I decide to leave – let me know.

That’s all I really have at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Home james!

  1. Amy

    Tell management you’re really an undercover Iranian terrorist bent on destroying the evil American empire. They’d probably let you go…

  2. jake

    hmmm while this is a thought… doesn’t sound the most condusive to keeping a steady employment.


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