IBM Unveils 4-5 Ghz Processors

By | February 7, 2006

IBM unveiled the newest line of PowerPC processors today.  The PowerPC6.

Bucking a trend in the chip industry, IBM Corp. said Tuesday its upcoming Power6 microprocessor for servers will run at unprecedented speeds while keeping a lid on power requirements and heat.

The chips are expected to run in the 4-5 Ghz range.  The multi-core chips also are touted to run on less power than the most common competitor, the Pentium 4.  I can’t imagine having a machine that runs that fast.  Doesn’t mean I don’t want one though.

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3 thoughts on “IBM Unveils 4-5 Ghz Processors

  1. Irrision

    Haha… It’s like they did this just as a slap in the face of Apple for going to Intel. I agree with Dvorak about Apple switching to AMD in a year or two. Dell is making the switch finally and will carrying both chips.
    It’s a smart move on IBM’s part to target the server market as they probably would have less than zero luck selling this hardware to workstation users for even highend use (Why would you run this when you could go Athlon 64 with similar speeds and power draw?).

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