Intel’s new Core Architecture revealed

By | March 15, 2006

“David Kanter over at RWT has posted a whopper of an article that gives the goods on Intel’s new Core architecture. The article comes complete with a nice architectural diagram that puts to rest any doubts about whether Core is in the P6 lineage (the Pentium Pro down through the Pentium III, which with major changes includes the Pentium M). Although it combines the best features of the Pentium 4 and the P6-derived Yonah, Core tends to look more like Yonah than anything else.”

The original article that Hannibal of Arstechnica writes about is very good, and so is his commentary on it. I give both of them credit for their well written bits on this. I liked Kanter when he said at the end “the MPU market will become far more competitive and hopefully, a new round of intense innovation will arise.” I hope he is right. Competition is great. It will keep prices lower, and spark some real innovation and creativity.

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