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By | July 1, 2006

Well either when at work, or sitting at home (as the case is at the moment) I like to listen to music. Sometimes helps me get projects done faster.

Anyways – I have been slowly going through the offerings out there. There are quite a few internet radio stations out there these days. I have tried the AOL radio, Yahoo music, ShoutCast streams, and now a new one: Pandora Internet Radio.

The shoutcast streams can be ok, but due to their amature nature, up or down, random quality, etc keep them from being… good. (In a lot of cases at least – not all.) AOL and Yahoo radio stations are good, but for the free versions, annoying ads between songs. Irrision however, introduced me to Pandora Radio. It works kind of like the Yahoo radio. In which you create a custom stations and rate songs based on what is played. The station is tweaked to play music more to your liking. That rocks. Pandora however, does not have any ads in the audio stream. The free version is supported by ads on the website. That is cool.

Check it out!

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