Introducing the iMac… I mean Compaq B2800

By | April 5, 2006

Compaq b2800Aside from the fact that this looks like something out of a milk bar in “A Clockwork Orange”, why is it that everyone insists on imitating the iMac and iPod designs? Is it because they are so popular? And why white? Seems like I’d spend most of my days cleaning the damn thing instead of using it.

Seriously folks, here’s a review of the Compaq B2800, which is only available in Asia and Australia. Any Aussies wanna send us one to toy with? Didn’t think so.

With a super slim profile, a 14″ screen, and weighing in at only 4.8 lbs, the B2800 sounds like a pretty serious traveling laptop.

That doesn’t seem to mean that it is a cheapo machine either. Sturdy case design, a 1.7 or 2 ghz Pentium M 740, up to 1.5 gigs of DDR2/533 Ram, and a dedicated graphics card mean this could become a favorite for all around usage. Fan Specs and screen size may limit it from ever being a gamers machine, but for a multi purpose, portable, this one may take a few cakes. Here’s a few snippets from the review to whet your appetite:

Another nice touch is the fact that all the LED lights are in blue that combines nicely with the white scheme found on the rest of the notebook. The LED’s show the status of the System Power, NUM Lock, CAPS Lock, Battery charging, HDD/Optical activity (in one LED, but the optical drive has its own orange LED on the tray) and WiFi.

The screen is one of the week points of this notebook. For some reason it isn’t a widescreen, but it is true that widescreen have taken a bit longer to be adopted in Asian notebook models, except by Sony. But still, at this day in age they should offer this notebook with a widescreen.

The results are what you would expect from a Pentium M 740 machine. It is much faster than my old Pentium 4 HP notebook and is also a bit more responsive than my AMD Athlon XP 2000+ desktop. It is more than fast enough for nearly anything you would ask of it. If you want further speed you could also buy a faster CPU model like the Pentium M 760.

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