Is Apple going to give up on OSX?

By | February 16, 2006

I normally do not agree with John C. Dvorak. However, in his latest article entitled “Will Apple Adopt Windows?” he argues that Apple will adopt windows and that Steve Jobs will make it acceptable.  I couldn’t agree more.

At some point, I believe that Apple will find that the cost to develop new hardware and software is too much.  With the recent history of the iPod making Apple a lot more of a hardware company, the move will become obvious.   Chances are that it will still be a few years before Apple starts the “switch”, but it will happen.

I even have a fancy advert slogan for them.  “What’s Windows doing in an Apple?  Things it has never done before…”

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2 thoughts on “Is Apple going to give up on OSX?

  1. Irrision

    Haha yeah I could see this as a possibility. I don’t think it’s in the timeline for Apple now though. I’m certain they plan on continuing osX on their hardware indefinately at this point. But Steve Jobs is no idiot and if it comes to a point where it would benefit them to join Microsoft they will do it. But right now Apple is enjoying the largest influx of cash from sales ever so I don’t think they are about to ditch osX in favor of Windows which is by all accounts slowly losing market share to osX on the desktop platform and Linux on the server platform.

  2. Jake

    I could see a drift towards a more standard linux or bsd core before I could see moving towards windows.

    Damn the man – save the empire… oh wait…

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