Microsoft unveils Windows Vista times 6

By | February 27, 2006

Microsoft unveiled the six, yep six, versions of it’s upcoming Windows product.  Vista is set to release late this year.  The six versions were noted as:

  1. Vista Business
  2. Vista Enterprise
  3. Vista Home Basic
  4. Vista Home Premium
  5. Vista Ultimate
  6. Vista Starter

Two different versions for Business and four for Home use.  Each with various changes that make them a little lesser or better than the other.  Does anyone else think that Microsoft is taking this licensing bit a tad too far?

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft unveils Windows Vista times 6

  1. Jake

    Vista Starter I have heard is not ever going to be seen in the US. Supposedly it is for 3rd world use or something like that.

    How long do you give it before there are tweaks and hacks to unlock or add back in whatever MS removes from stripped down versions of Vista? (ie Home Basic, which is surely a hamstrung version of Vista Business)

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  3. Irrision

    This will soooo bomb badly. Hasn’t microsoft learned by now that making things confusing when it comes to computers just means people won’t make a choice. I predict that every oem machine will come with the basic one as it’ll keep machine costs down and people won’t know what the difference is in two computers with the same specs and a $150 price variance. Thats exactly what people do now when they look at computers with similar specs, why do you think AMD uses performance ratings? Because you’re average joe doesn’t understand that AMD processors have pipelines that are a fourth the length of a P4 and thus are more efficient per cycle? I rest my case.

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