More states consider game-related legislation

By | January 5, 2006

There is a good article on the DailyTech about how a couple of more states want to limit or ban the sale of explicit or violent games to minors.

What is the government’s obsession with trying to pass blame on youth violence on TV and Video games? For every kid that does something bad that gets attributed to a video game – guess what – there were a heck of a lot more of us who turned out just fine and played those violent games. I played Quake, DOOM, etc. and I haven’t turned into a criminal.

Perhaps instead of wasting our tax money on prosecuting game companies-we actually give some of that money to schools for educational technology. Perhaps in an environment made better and more innovative, instead of more restrictive we might be able to stop coming up with things to blame societies woes on and actually focus on teaching our next generation what to do instead of telling them what they can’t do or have.

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