By | August 3, 2006

Did I ever mention… that moving and packing sucks?  Well it does.

Well, I think most of you guys have heard, Jennie and I have to move again…  we have been living in a house that was still for sale, and unfortunately it sold.  So we have to move.  These things happen, so we are rolling with it as best as we can.  It has been a bit of a scramble shopping around, more so with the rental house properties have been few and far between in Jamestown.

Good news is:  We have secured another place and things are going well there.  The staying in town will be in order to start moving little stuff, paint a room, etc.

The bad news… is that it means that there will be a moving party.

It looks like I will be staying in town this weekend in order to get some work done here, packing and maybe moving some small stuff.  However, the weekend of Saturday the 12th, we are hoping to get enough people together to do the big move.

I hate to ask all of our friends to help us move again, but it can’t be helped.  Already a decent number have let me know that they can help.  We have some great friends, so should be a pretty smooth process.
Jennie will be heading down to the cities tomorrow evening for her wedding shower down there.  I had hoped to be going down as well.  My mom has two sisters visiting from Washington, but they weren’t really planning on me being there, and with things in town, I would like to get a jump on things here.

So the girls should have a good weekend.  (Jennie had a couple of friends going with her.)  I should have a busy but productive weekend.  I may try to borrow a friends pickup and even get a couple of full loads brought over.  The big stuff will have to wait till the 12th, but I know we have a bunch of smaller things that I would be able to move by myself.

Talk to everyone soon!

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