Mr. Fix-It

By | November 29, 2006

Well I have been playing Mr Fixit around the house this week.  Winter showed up finally, and well it has gotten pretty chilly.  I had been meaning to go out and get the plastic insulating stuff for the windows, but I ended up adding a few things to my list.

You see… ice also showed up.  (I know… shocker)  So added salt, bucket for said salt, and a shovel to the list.  Having a house, those things are kind of a requirement.  Going back to the windows though… one of the discoveries we have made about this place is that the windows do not insulate worth a crap – especially the ones upstairs in my office.  Since I work out of home… kind of a critical thing for me.  So I went on a mission to fix it yesterday. After going to the chiropracter… I discovered that working downstairs and not at my desk was doing a number on my neck… so back to the office.

Well.. picked up window kits, a small heater fan… the works!  By the end of last night I had finished all of the upstairs windows and even got the bedroom window downstairs.  Between that and the heater fan… the upstairs is back to a workable environment.  (At least I can work without being wrapped in two giant blankets trying not to sound like I am shivering on conference calls.)

It is still a little on the cooler side up here… but it is showing as 2°F outside with a 30mph wind… so that might have something to do with it.  So does anyone else have tips for winterizing a home?  This is my first year trying it, but I think it is going well so far.  I am also thinking of shutting the guest room out of the heating loop and insulating that window, but haven’t decided if that would be more effecient, or just annoying anytime I had to go in there.

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