Multi-machine solutions

By | January 23, 2006

Do you have several machines lying around your “geek room” running various versions of Windows/Linux/OsX and can’t think of a good use for them. Well I stumbled upon one of the better uber-geek utils I’ve found in a while while surfing today. It’s called Synergy and it lets you seamlessly integrate multiple networked computers on different operating systems into a virtual desktop of sorts.

I currently have it installed on my laptop (Which sits immediately to the left of the dual monitors attached to my main computers’ ATI X800xl videocard) and I can now move my mouse over to my laptop screen just by going off the left edge of my desktop computer screen. At which point I have full control of the laptop and can even copy and paste between it and my desktop as if they were one machine. You really have to throw this on one of your ghetto machines and try it out as it’s something to behold (It’s also good for confusing your friends when they sit down at your computer). Oh… and the best part? It’s free!
Check it out.

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