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By | May 2, 2006

Well it is official – I am now a North Dakota resident.  I finally went and got my drivers license changed over from a Minnesota one.  Since I am not a college student anymore, I probably should have done it a few months ago – but oh well.  A nice difference was that they print them right there, so it only took a few minutes.  MN you have to wait since they mail them out.  So they took my MN and handed me my shiny new ND driver’s license.  (Apparently there is a new design this year as well.)

Tomorrow I am going in and am going to try to get the plates on my Escort changed over to ND as well.  (Now before you ask – no the DMV and the Driver’s License department are not in the same location.)  Once that is done I will be driving my Escort again. (Which is good because Jennie is selling the Neon.)  I let the tabs expire on the Escort while we had both vehicles.  At this point it makes more sense to change the plates over now than renew the tabs and then change them over.

I am contemplating getting the custom plates for the Escort since they are so cheap in this state, but it is a toss up of what to get.  Either “OLORIN” or “MR CHA” comes to mind, but haven’t made up my mind lol.

The planning process is going well.  I am happy with the progress I have made so far this week on my jobs.  I wrote more about this topic on my Myspace post, so feel free to swing by there if interested.

Oh and once again I have been prepping multiple postings while waiting for things to compile at work.  Naturally since the sites are different there will be come carry over between the posts.  I did however update three sites this evening:  Olorinpc.com; Ewbarnard.com; and my MySpace.com blog.  Feel free to check them all out.  Each has a little bit of a different focus.  This post, more on the car stuff.  The EwBarnard.com post, more focused on the wedding stuff.  The MySpace.com post is a nice little bit of both.

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  1. Brady

    Yeah, you should get custom plates but you should get something nerdy on them since pet names are usually annoying on license plates (Think ‘schaffs’) and make the person behind you want to ram your car. That or maybe I’m just driving in too much traffic these days…


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