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By | March 7, 2006

I have been wondering – why is it movies come out for rent on Tuesday? Why not a Thursday or a Friday night, which usually people rent more movies on? Do they think that then the rush will be less so there is a greater chance that everyone will get to see the movie they want to?

We all know that doesn’t happen – at least around here, if it is popular, it isn’t in on a Friday or Saturday night. Oh sure they have raincheck couponds, but what good does that do you when your friends are waiting in the car?

Anywho – just the thought for the evening. (Harry Potter 4 and Jarhead come out today – hense the point of the post)  (Oh and that is the new blog goal… a daily thought to ponder.)
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3 thoughts on “New movie Tues

  1. Brady

    Hrmm… thats funny. I believe I’ve had those movies for two months already. 😉 Jarhead is good in a ‘Apocalyse Now’ kind of way.

    They release them on Tuesday because they’re hoping you will buy the movie rather than waiting to rent it on Friday night. How many times have you walked into Walmart on a Tuesday night and saw their new release floor display and grabbed a movie off it? Thats how I bought all but one of the HP movies and the Matrix.

  2. jake

    eh i spose. I guess I have bought most of the movies I have really liked at the cheap tues Walmart prices too.


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