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By | October 20, 2006

So I got told I am a slacker and don’t blog enough. (Well the exact words were… you must be boring since you never blog anymore… close enough to slacker.)  Well most of this is a repost of my MySpace blog… but I am adding to it, so it will be even longer than the first time I posted this morning!  (Got busy at work… yea I really do work :P)
It is true though that I have been horrible at keeping everyone updated.  Or even posting to my blog for myself.   I think it really comes down to all of the little side projects I have got going, and work, have distracted me from keeping everyone else informed of what is going on in Jakeland.

So what are those side project? Do they really exist? They certainly do. The most exciting one, though probably least time consuming at the moment, (overall time, not time spent thinking about it) is that a friend and I are working on writing a book together. You see, I have always wanted to write my own book, but have never really gotten far in doing so. I always get frustrated and restart it, give up, etc. Well, our theory is that together we are sparking more ideas, forcing each other to write, and generally making far more progress and either of is had individually.

Of course… my other project has far less lofty goals. World of Warcraft has indeed been taking up some of my time. It is an enjoyable game, and I have plenty of friends who play on it as well, so that makes it even more fun.

Other than those two projects though… mostly just work and dart league here in town. Dart League is going pretty well. We won our first week, and loss in a tie breaker this last monday, so the team is doing well and having a good time. Work… well I leave for Miami on Tuesday, and come back sometime on Friday. Hopefully before 6, because I was asked to fill in some on the schedule for blackjack, and I think I am supposed to be dealing blackjack at the Vic that night. Don’t really need a part time job on top of the eP thing… but its helping out, and I never was one to complain about spare cash.

Well… I think that is a general update on everything… let me know if I missed anything lol!


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