Portable Apps and USB Thumbdrives Continued..

By | January 4, 2006

Well I got really excited this evening when I saw that there is a portable thumbdrive version of OpenOffice 2.1. Ever since I picked up a couple 512mb thumbdrives on sale on Radioshack I’ve been looking for new applications and utilities to load them up with for service calls and portable computing when I’m away from my computer. I have accumulated quite a collection of apps so far and plan to post a quick listing of them for my next installment.

I have to say that the utility of thumbdrives completely escaped me for some reason when I bought a 64mb one a year ago. I honestly don’t even know what I did with it but I forgot about it until a couple weeks ago. I’ve so far used mine to transfer files for several clients, install anti-virus/anti-malware apps, carry passwords/wifi keys, and backup documents like my resume so I always have them handy.

A good site that has OpenOffice 2.1 Portable also has quite a few other portable apps. I’m currently just browsing through things but it looks like a really nice resource that I’ll be visiting more in the future. Check out portableapps.com.