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By | December 1, 2006

Well this week has gone pretty fast. I have been pretty busy since getting back from Thanksgiving… both with work and personal projects. Work is busy enough that I will actually be out of town for a couple of days next week. Heading to a client site in LA again.

Side project… I have taken a page from the Book of Ede. I have started another blog, however it isn’t a personal blog like this one, but one related to work. Or more specifically the software I work with. Ede has a variety of different blogs, and the separation has seemed to work for him. I think it will for me too. I have always tried to keep work related stuff off of this blog, so this will allow me to post about that stuff, but keep it independent from this page.  So I started Axapta Source.  A website for the ERP Solution: Axapta.  (Dynamics AX.)
Anywho – I have spent the past couple of days setting up the site, getting a few posts setup, etc. It is finally ready to go, so now it is a matter of making sure I continue working on it…. however since it is a source of Axapta resources, and part of my day is viewing those resources, it should be pretty easy to always have additional content for the site. That is the theory of course lol! Who knows, as the site grows in size, scope, and design, perhaps it will get to the point where additional people will be brought on. We shall certainly see.

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