Real products begin selling on “Second Life” mmorpg

By | January 23, 2006

Second life lays claim to over $240,000 in Linden Dollars changing hands each day. Until recently, these transactions were all for digital products. Products that could only be used in Second life.

That all changed the other day when “Second Life Boutique” listed a new category of product. You might say it was a little foreign. The category? “Real Life products.” The Second Lifer know as FlipperPA Peregrine who runs the store said:

I just started to think it would be interesting with the amount of dollars going through on a daily basis to challenge people to think of it as a foreign currency rather than as Monopoly money

Indeed, MMORPG games have gained in increasing popularity lately and we’ve seen many of the items that people use on their characters selling in our world. It’s about time that some of our stuff starts selling in theirs.

Original Story Credit: Finally, You Can Buy Something Real With Play Money

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