Run quadcore Intel chips in Apple Mac Pro

By | September 13, 2006

There were some big announcements out of Apple yesterday.  New iPods, new services, but the one that got missed was the Apple Mac Pro running dual core chips.  And further, says AnandTech, the ability to run Quad core chips.  Dual quad core chips at that.  Eight cores.  Wowsa.

We grabbed a pair of 2.4GHz Clovertown samples and tossed them in the system, and to our pleasure, they worked just fine.  Our samples used a 1066MHz FSB, although we’re expecting the final chip to use a 1333MHz FSB, but the most important part of the test is that all 8 cores were detected and functional.

They used a pair of pre-release samples, but when the retail ones are released it could be fun.  They couldn’t give us any true benchmarks because of the pre-release nature, but they did say that they were unable to max out the processors.