Savage Attack on the Capslock Key!

By | January 24, 2006

Matt Mower over at curiouser and curiouser makes a very good arguement against the capslock key.
FCUK Capslock
In the key’s defense, many of my co-workers use it constantly. It has become a function of their job and as a result all things that they do are in capslock. Yes, that includes email. While I find it annoying, I have come to understand. To them, working with the capslock on is akin to Matt and I working without it.

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3 thoughts on “Savage Attack on the Capslock Key!

  1. Jake


    Whoever came up with a program that you have to enter in data like that should be… well something. Dang annoying 😛

  2. Brady

    They should be beaten with their own hunt and peck fingers until they relent. This arguement is like the one you have with your wife/girlfriend/significant other about the toilet seat. There is a right way and a wrong way. The right way is with the Capslock off as that is the naturally “down” condition for the keyboard. Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to quit being lazy and hit the capslock key. (Note: You can replace the word capslock key with “toilet seat” in this sentence and it still works.)

    Of course the reason why us nerds hate people talking in caps is because it’s rude. We perceive it as yelling and it’s annoying and uncouth. It would be just like yelling everything you said in public. Imagine libraries if everyone did that… *shiver*

  3. Brady

    Oh wait are you talking about joe? hehe… I wonder if he’s out there reading this. Hello?

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