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By | January 10, 2006

Well as I am sure you have noticed… put a new logo up. (Thanks Ede for helping fix the blasted css code!) Designed and made it myself – so I am rather partial to it. Now I think I am going to go back in and tweaking some of the color settings to blend the site together a little better.

Other than that… it has been a pretty slow morning. Work is business as usual, i.e. slow. I am however, still working on the business planning. Talked with a grant service place last night, but they wanted a lot of money up front. Something that I am not sure I would be willing to do even if I had the money. There are just too many scams these days.

Almost forgot – but on the bright side, the whole wedding thing took a great leap forward this weekend. We finally put all the small notations together and made a budget. Yeiks was that scary, but really as far as weddings go – not too horrible. Oh and we put the deposit down on the hall (and some for the food), so that is locked in. Then we also talked to one of the possible dj’s for the dance part. So all in all, it was a rather productive wedding weekend. ThatEdeGuy’s wife is the wedding planner, so I believe she was rather pleased as well haha.
I really don’t have anything else interesting at this point. So I will keep “working” and update with another post when I find something.

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