So glad elections are over

By | November 29, 2006

I was thinking about this today… man am I glad elections are over.

Why?  Do I think great things are now going to be done, naaa that isn’t it.  I can finally watch TV without having to watch lame politicians backstabbing each other during ever commercial break.  Seriously – it does nothing but prove you are petty and suck when you put an attack ad on TV.  It doesn’t make me want to vote for you, it makes me less likely to ever vote for you… even as a write in for City Dog Catcher.  Official City Pooper Scooper… maybe.

Perhaps when they get a life and maybe say what they plan to do if we elect them.  Heck I am more likely to vote for anyone who doesn’t act like an ass this next election than I am to even vote for my own party.

/end political rant.

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