Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft May Go After Linux for Patent Infringement…

By | March 26, 2006

…and then proceeds to throw a chair, run around the room screaming like a gorilla, and chant like a cultist.

But seriously. In an interview with Forbes Steve Ballmer suggested that Microsoft may intend to start enforcing its patents against Linux. He goes on to suggest, however, that Linux is not the threat they once thought as people “prefer a commercial organization” behind software they use for business. He also claims that people don’t use free software because it “tends to be clunky” and not well supported. I find it rather ironic that he responds to a question about his knowledge level of Linux and Linux related matters and says that “we have people watching” and they will “make him aware” of any new developments. Apparently they didn’t make him aware of Open Office, CentOS, Firebird, Thunderbird, uTorrent, GAIM, GIMP, and Bittorrent when they told him free software “tends to be clunky”. Consider that Open Office isn’t even 1/4 the piece of bloatware MS Office has become in recent years and actually now compares quite well to Office for usability and community support and addons. Oh well Ballmer always was the irrational one from the start of Microsoft.