The Weekend Catchup

By | July 5, 2006

Well – trying to catchup from the weekend.  It was a nice long break here though.  I had Monday and Tuesday off, so I was able to work on some projects at home that I had been putting off.

Sunday – well we started some fireworks… and man was it fun!  We had fun on Monday night hanging out with a friend for his birthday.  Went out to the lake for a little while after he gone done with work – and then hung out for a while.  Tuesday on the other hand was pretty mellow, which worked just fine for me.  Jennie and I went over to Sanborn to watch the parade there.  (I love those small town events.)  After that we hung out with the Ede’s till it got later – then Jennie and I went home to do fireworks.  (Gotta show up the other folks on my street with the morters I had picked up. 🙂 )

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!

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