The weekend trip…

By | January 13, 2006

Well folks – it is quite possible that i will be blogging more than usual this weekend. It will be bit of a different weekend than usual.

Usually Jennie and I take off together for Jamestown and spend the weekend at ThatEdeGuys pad. This weekend Ede’s wife and another female friend are coming to our place here in Fargo – then they are then going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow. Three women staying at Jakes, once in college this might have sounded like a really good time. I have learned a few things since those days – and know the safest plan is to leave town — fast!

LOL – ok so it isn’t really that, Ede and I just have a really good excuse to spend the weekend doing geek stuff. Watching firefly episodes, playing computer games, business stuff, etc. All of the stuff single geeks do on the weekend. Since we aren’t single – we thank the big man upstairs that our significant others are best friends. Might pick up a computer job or two… which reminds me… I should throw the toolset in the car just in case.

Long and the short of it is folks… there is a decent chance I will be online more than usual. Weekends I have been trying to stay as far away from a computer as possible. (For the simple reason that I do have a fiancee, and don’t want to be divorced before I am married!)

Hope everyone has a super weekend!

Ede – better start on the Mt. Dew now… AOE2 is calling our name! (or Firefly… how many episodes do you think we can get through before the sun comes up eh?)

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