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  1. Ad®ian

    I don’t feel that way, it’s pretty sad that we’re getting far more an hour for what we do. Don’t ya think?

  2. Irrision

    No not really as our economy dictates the rate of pay. What they pay in India is low when relatively compared to what we get paid, however when compared to the average wages and living wages in India it falls roughly within the same comparison wage.

    People forget, that the cost of living is considerably lower in India and thus a decent living wage is quite a bit less than here in the US. It’s nice to think globally and consider the greater good of society (which I often contemplate) however in this case there is no reason to complain. Indian tech support workers aren’t hurting for money and actually have some of the most rapidly rising salaries I’ve ever seen. Outsourcing has really helped India’s middle class grow and increased it global importance as a nation. Workers in Japan likely make 20% more for the same jobs then us but they also pay $9 for a big mac (According to an American friend I have in Japan) Reference: http://www.siliconindia.com/shownewsdata.asp?newsno=29869 for more info about Indian tech support wages.

  3. Jake

    Exactly irrision. Point in case – even moving from city to city can dictate what you make per hour. I make decent here in Fargo doing tech support. However if I were to move back to Jamestown, I could theoretically afford at least a couple of dollars less an hour and have it be pretty much the same.

    Many companies are in fact dropping their outsourcing to India and shifting it back to the US. There are a number of reasons for this I have been told, ranging from experience, quality, but really coming down to understanding the customer. The ability to understand your customer (on a cultural level not just language) is something that can make or break a satisfaction rating.

    So it might seem we are just crapping all over outsources tech support… not the case… I am currently an outsourced tech support rep for a company here in the US.

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