By | August 11, 2006

Well I thought I would take the time to make a quick post.  My dsl is being transfered to the new place sometime this morning, but until the new line is active – I am without internet at home.

Does this stop a true geek?  Heck no!  Work is calling me (since I did let them know I may or may not be online for parts of today.) if anything comes up, but I like to be on top of things.  Check email, look for new cases, etc.  So… I hop in the Escort hit “Refresh Wireless Networks” a couple of times while I was on my way over to the hotel with wireless.  (Thanks Gladstone!)  The Jamestown Middle School apparently has wireless, didn’t know that.  I was able to hit the exchange server at work and at least get my work email.

Still… not enough… so drove the last couple of blocks and am now currently parked outside of the Gladstone hotel.  Checked the email and case queue again, all clear, flew through the personal email, hopped on messenger, and was so amused that I had to blog about it.

Well that is my funny story for today – “Leech net access, Warblog today” is the new slogan.

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3 thoughts on “Warblogging

  1. Ian

    A true geek doesn’t let a little thing like ‘no net’ get in their way! Tho, granted, I just skip wardriving and settle for hooking my Treo to my laptop. Slow, but reliable.


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