Wedding Fair

By | January 16, 2006

Well the weekend went pretty well I think. Friday was Irrision’s going away party in Jamestown – so that ended up being a bit of drinking… but hey it was a good time.

Sat – took a while (but hey that happens), but we got Irrision and his gal all packed up and ready to head for the twin cities. Then a few firefly episodes when Ede and I got back in for the evening.

Anywho – Sunday, we went to the Wedding Fair thing. I think the most interesting thing we got out of it was for invitations. Jennie has been talking the whole time about a more traditional invitation format. (Cardstock, paper, vellum, bow, etc), however we did see this really cool format at the fair. A kind of all in one. Seal-N-Send. It is the invite, info (time, place, map, whatever), and RSVP card. I liked the whole thing – looks pretty slick. I am hoping I can get a hold of the cardstock. Mainly because it would save us cost. Only have to pay for ink cartridges and cardstock, but also I can design it myself then. I spent enough time learning design software when I was part of The Collegian.

Well be sure to check out Jennie’s site to see if she has any additional updates on the whole shindig. I know the girls we looking at stuff to do for centerpieces or something like that.

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