Wedding planning going well

By | May 16, 2006

Well the wedding planning is currently in full swing, and Jennie and I have been enjoying getting down to it. This weekend a few of the guys and myself will be road tripping to Fargo to go Tux shopping. (That will be not only fun, but one thing off of my list!)

Also Jennie and I have finally started registering at places. (We had to do this before Ede’s wife, the official planner, killed us and made the wedding a moot point.) Well ok kidding on that one, but according to our checklist/timeline thing, we were supposed to have already started it… so we figured it was time to get down to it.

All in all the planning is cruising along well and is right on track. (I think, but I will not ask Ann or Jennie for permission to make that statement :P)

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2 thoughts on “Wedding planning going well

  1. thatedeguy

    Remember this phrase Jake. “Just tell me when I need to be there, Dear.” Guaranteed to get a few “looks” from Jennie. 😉

  2. jake

    You forget Ede – you and Brady are in charge of making sure I show up in time. 😉 Though that fact alone has gotten a few “looks” from Jennie.


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