Weekend plans

By | June 23, 2006

Welp it is about time for the weekend. I have been working during my free time today to keep cleaning up the code for this site. I have been straightening out the advertising and layout of the sidebars. I believe it looks and works a lot better now, though I may still redo the site banner and trim the height down.

Other than that, the flickr stuff is done. I have it set up well enough for now. I may jump it up to pro later so I can have more photo sets, but it works well for what I have up now. Though that can fall under the heading of future site tweaking.

As far as the weekend goes, it should go pretty well. Jennie’s mom and Dave are coming up to visit with us, so that will be a good time. I am sure we will get some more wedding stuff done, which is also good. The only downside is that I also have to work Saturday night dealing blackjack, but hopefully I will get done early enough to still be able to hang out some.

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