Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck

By | February 28, 2006

Extreme Tech has an excellent post on the features of Vista and why they feel that Everyone will want to upgrade this time around. Or do they?

We know we titled this piece “Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck” and that’s a big statement to make. To be honest, we don’t know that it’s going to be great just yet. The OS is still very much in beta, and if previous Microsoft operating systems are any indication, a whole lot of things come together in the last few months. As such, we certainly can’t recommend you set aside some upgrade money right now.

Seems that they can’t quite make up their minds.  They do finish off with some good notes though.

Still, it’s hard to take a real look at Vista, both on the surface and under the hood, and consider it just another Windows rehash. This is a dramatic, whole-hog upgrade of the Windows platform. If you got anything out of this article, we hope it’s the realization that Vista is not simply the Windows XP/2000 code base that has been slowly evolving over the years with some fancy graphics and icons slapped onto it. It should be clear that Vista is really the next generation of operating system from Microsoft, every bit as significant as the leap from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 or the jump from Mac OS 9 to OS X.

I wrote before on Why I want Windows Vista and all this has done is concreted the problem.  Now I just have to figure out how to afford the upgrade…

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