WinXP for the masses? College students might get a break.

By | January 31, 2006

I remember seeing a device on Tom’s Hardware – using Bart PE Builder to put Windows XP on a flash drive. It is a good idea, one I discovered Microsoft itself is picking up on.

We came across something very interesting this morning: Pemberton USB flash drive with Windows XP loaded on it. The blog article goes into depth on the implications of what this technology could do, but the implications in the education field are staggering.

From Tom's Hardware

The idea would be to take your files from class, library, all the way to your dorm room, while preserving your system settings at the same time. The idea of having your OS on your USB drive isn’t new, but it is when coming from Microsoft. They are looking into how to change their licensing model to fit this new concept. You can view Don Roessler’s blog post about it, where it goes much more in depth. Apparently this article is originally from Micronews, the Microsoft Internal Newsletter. (At least that is where the links to his image files go, so we were only to show you the one image – the rest do not seem to be available externally.)

I don’t see this being quite as useful in the application of tech support as is implied in the initial look at the product. (Here is the article on Tom’s Hardware.) The live CD with the static files is much safer for working on someone’s infected machine. This might however be a better solution for people who can’t afford a full computer.

We here at SuperGeekBlog would love to get our hands on one (or three) to test. Feel free to include us in any tests of this product.

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