Wow – a year has passed…

By | May 1, 2006

I realized this past weekend that this next weekend is JC graduation.  It hit me a little while later what that actually meant.  I have now been out of college a whole year.  It makes sense when one looks at the calendar of course, but one doesn’t sit down very often and realize the passage of time.  College was great at dividing up ones time.  At most you thought in terms of a semester.  Nice short chunks of time that seemed to be a constant.

With career and wedding planning the thought process has gone in terms of years.  It is a shift I made without really realizing it.  Though a good one I suppose.  It has also been a heck of a last year.  I graduated from college, got engaged, lived in Fargo, and now have returned to Jamestown to pursue my career.

So that might be something for you to ponder as well…  what were you doing at this time last year?  What happened in this past year… and what are you looking forward to in the upcoming one?

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