16 Essential PC Applications for Bloggers

By | November 14, 2008

Over at ProBlogger, they have a well written article discussing 16 different applications that bloggers should use. Some I have used, some I have not, and some I prefer and alternative.  I wouldn’t say this needs to be limited to bloggers, but anyone who likes to customize their web experience.

The first one on the list being Firefox – I couldn’t agree more.  I have tested Chrome, use IE (as required) for work, but live in Firefox.  I would recommend following through and checking out the list of “25 must have Firefox Addons.”

My personal recommendations: Twitterfox, ColorfulTabs, StumbleToolbar, Greasemonkey, Locationbar2, Scribefire, Search Status, SpeedDial, and TinyURL Creater.

Skipping down to SnagIT – I actually would recommend ScreenHunter 5.0 Free.  Smaller, lightweight, free version that does basic cross-hairs screenshots that I prefer.  A lot less options, but that is what I need/use.

The next item on his list that catches my eye is Digsby.  I have tested it and it works, but I am a big trillian fan.  I have used the software since it’s really buggy early days and it has come along nicely.  I do agree with the importance of having an “all in one” IM application though.  With Friends, Family, Clients, Coworkers, etc all on different networks, logins, groups, etc it is very helpful to only have to run a single app.

RSS Bandit is another one that I am not sure about.  It apparently downloads directly from Google Reader for offline reading.  Perhaps it is a better experience than mixing Google Reader/Gears for offline.  I vote no on that because I use Reader both at work and home.  So I prefer the pure web based version.  That being said, if I was still traveling full time as a software consultant, my opinion might be different.

Of course there are more recommendations.  I encourage you to go to ProBlogger and check out the full list.  Comment there or here if there is an app of choice that you like/prefer.  The key thing to remember is that it *is* possible to custimize your web experience.  Once you do, you will wonder why you didn’t before!

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