200th Post on Olorinpc.com

By | December 12, 2008

Well, I was working on a draft of a new post and I noticed that I was at 199 posts. I figured I would put a quick note about that up. It is kind of neat actually. One way or another I have been having this blog and it’s format since 2005.

It originally started with a lot of tech stuff, but I split that stuff off onto Supergeekblog.com – and kept this one more personal/random sort of stuff.  The site has gone through plenty of changes in the last few years, all of which has been a fun process.

I really like the direction I have this site going now though.  The face lift to the theme, and the bit more time in general I spend with the site has made a real impact.  This site is still about “Jake” and I do blog about personal happenings, but I also try to cover other topics (eh heh politics) and whatnot.  In doing so, the readership has increased along with general traffic.  That has reinforced to me that I am doing something right – and enjoying it as well.

So – thanks everyone for visiting and celebrating the 200th post.  Here is to 200 more! 🙂

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