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By | October 23, 2008

In trying to revamp my blogging style I noticed something today.  My “About” page was not only very outdated, I don’t think it was very useful.

So I have spent some time updating it, added a contact form to this site, and generally cleaned up that part of my blog.  This is all part of my “getting back to the basics” of blogging.


For those of you who occasionally follow my blog (I have facebook set to automatically pull posts from my blog and set them as “Facebook Notes.”  So my readership count on the site is only relevant in terms of RSS feeds, not total readers) you have probably noticed my posting tends to be infrequent, random, etc.  I keep my topics semi-divided up via having different blogs… though in doing that I tend to spread the frequency issues across all of them.

I have decided the best way is to approach this (this being blogging in general) is from a different angle.  I have long taken the hobby approach.  Throw something up that interests me from time to time and call it good.  In doing so, my sites have lost a sense of structure and urgency.  Any webmaster/blogger knows – content is king.  Without fresh content, you will have no fresh viewers.  That brings me back to the “getting back to the basics” comment.

It is a mindset thing.  I am going to start thinking like I did in college when I was Editor in Chief of The Collegian.  Set up a publication schedule, write articles as well as link to other content, and try to take a more proffessional approach to each piece.  The hope for this is not only will I post more regularily, but that the quality of each post, across all sites, increases as well.  With an increase in frequency and quality – readership should increase as well.

I am considering all of my blogs a single production.  Each blog is a “section.”  This should hopefully help me to focus on my 3 main blogs and prevent me from just posting to one or the other.  (I have a personal, tech, and political division going on.)

If it works out well – you should notice a difference. 🙂

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