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By | November 24, 2008

I believe being part of the blogging world means sharing.  I decided to do a post on how to blog better.  I have learned many things from my fellow bloggers out there.  Some have been from huge popular blogs, and some have been from smaller blogs like my own.

There are a number of sites that can help people blog better and make more of their blogs.  One of the best ways to improving my own blogs has been watching other bloggers and learning from their suggestions.  ProBlogger and CopyBlogger are must reads if you are trying to develop your blog.  Also, if there is a particular niche you decide to blog about, make sure to subscribe and follow what they are writing about.  Not only will you occasionally get ideas  on what to write about, but you will be able to interact with those existing communities.

An example would be, I get a lot of ideas from the SayAnythingBlog for this site.  For, I get a number of ideas from different Tech blogs.  As above, I try to take part in a number of those sites.  Quite often I get a post idea from a discussion I have on other blogs.  Discussion and debate are my favorite parts of the blogging world.  All sorts of ideas bouncing off of each other.  (This is also why I am glad I finally joined Twitter.  It has added an extra level of interaction with fellow bloggers that I find not only extremely fun, but helpful.)

Another way to blog better is to consider your online presence as a brand.  I recently read an article on Problogger that puts it very well. I hadn’t considered or as a brand, but that is the way I use those, and the reason I keep them seperate.  On I like to keep it more personal and sometimes a bit more random.  I have discussed politics, personal happenings, book reviews, blogging, etc.  A nice collection of topics I find interesting.  On, as the name implies, I try to keep it far more tech based.  I am a geek, so find plenty of tech items of interest to blog about there.  Each site has it’s purpose and I enjoy writing for each.  I have built an identity around each and continually strive to build and improve them.

The best blogging tip I have learned – be willing to learn.  (Actually, that is a tip for blogging, work, and life I have found.) I of course would love to have a big, well linked, popular blog.  In trying to get there I have learned many things.  I also look forward to learning many more.  I have learned to take blogging more seriously.  In going back to thinking like an editor, I have not only had better posts, I have had more frequent posts.  As a result of those to things, in a month my traffic has increased ten fold.  That has been positive reinforcement to me that I am headed in the right direction.

Last tip on blogging I have for this post is – keep trying.  If you are trying to develop a blog and something isn’t working for you, try something else.  Just keep trying.  Ask other bloggers for advice.  It might not work for you, but it very well might give you an idea of what will.

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