BSG Wedding

By | December 10, 2008

With Battlestar Galatica’s return almost here… (*shakes fist at SciFi Network! Also grumbles about reality tv shows on the *scifi* network*) I loved this post this morning.

Via Galatica Sitrep:

BSG (now CSI) writer Bradley Thompson went and got hitched the other night, and he did so in grand style. The officiator was none other than Admiral Adama himself, Edward James Olmos, in a ceremony that concluded with a rousing “SO SAY WE ALL!” It was a great party and a blast to see so many members of the BSG cast and crew again. Reminding me that BSG will be back for the final episodes starting in January!

Now when I got married, having my Uncle perform the ceremony was awesome.  I gotta say though, having “SO SAY WE ALL!” conclude your wedding… does rank up there in the whole awesomeness/geekness zone.

Also – webisodes that lead up to the last half of season 4 (Season 4.5) start this Friday at 11am CST.

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