Ede Returns

By | November 17, 2008

Quite a few of my readers also know ThatEdeGuy. (If you don’t, check out his blog sometime. You will find it well written and informative.)

Ede certainly had an interesting weekend.  He, his wife, and the little guy, left for L.A. to partake in his brothers wedding.  This also happens to be right in the area of the extreme Cali wildfires that are going on at the moment.  I will let Ede do a post about things, and hopefully post some pics too.  From the news, other bloggers, and calls from over there – it was something else.  So make sure to keep an eye both here and on his blog.  I look forward to seeing the pics myself – so am sure to do a post.

They are on their way back now safe, with a brother married, and sound.

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