Eduk8: 100+ Incredible Open Courseware Resources for Science Geeks

By | October 30, 2008

For the science geek on a budget, hey even if half your money goes for geeky things, free education is awesome because it saves cash for other geeky things.  I got sent this page this morning from Kelly Sonora.

Science geeks continually on the lookout for more information can hit the motherload when it comes to open courseware classes. No matter what field of science you may be interested in learning about, there are a number of enlightening and challenging courses that you can take absolutely free. From life sciences to astronomy to health sciences and so much more, you are sure to find courses that will teach you exactly what you want to know.

Visit the post to check out the links.  Here are the subject headings available:




Earth Sciences

Environmental Science




Health Sciences

Social Science

Variety of Scientific Topics

I would say if any of those topics are remotely interesting, check out the post. Might find something worth your time.  They are from a variety of Institutions.  (MIT being a big one.)  Knowledge is power – good luck!

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